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Resources to Help With The Basics and Getting Started In Web 3 - The Blueprint

So you’re taking the leap into the web3 space?

Firstly, WELCOME!

You are joining  a beautiful community of people that place support, transparency and teamwork above all else!

Unfortunately, there is a bit of a learning curve to get to a place of understanding.

While we, at The Blueprint, believe the best way to learn is to find communities and immerse yourself (as well as tune in each week to the show of course). There are some key elements that are important to understand to make sure you’re safe and aware of how things work.

So with the help of some friends, Saint Rien has compiled the following list!

The only “required reading”...

The following two links (and specifically the first one) we would classify as ‘important’. Some of you might be happy with just reading through both of these and having a basic understanding, but we’ll add some extras for you bookworms at the end!

Important link #1 - How to set up and use your crypto wallet (to purchase and hold your NFT’s) - Surge Women

Surge Women have done an incredible job at simplifying the confusing and risky process of setting up a crypto wallet. They break it down with screen shots and easy-to-follow steps. Make sure to read and understand this entire page as there are very intelligent scams out there and we want you all to stay safe!

Important link #2 - Web3 Basics by Crypto, Culture and Society

Crypto, Culture and Society’s Web3 Starter Pack is awesome. They break the space down into sections and different levels of understanding and the notion site is really easy to use.

Still want to learn more?

Here are some more resources if you’re enjoying the read!

Disclaimer: There is TOO much information out there on web3. Take these links as an opportunity to take a look around and see what interests you. Take your time and be gentle with yourself, (a lot of these articles may take a couple of reads as well).

Gaby’s Web3 Reading list

So much juicy information here. Just scroll away and click to your heart's content. Gaby Goldberg has a wealth of knowledge in here.

Jessica’s Web3 Resource guide

Similar to the above but has a little more structure to it and Jessica also has a newsletter that you can sign up to!

Thanks so much for tuning into The Blueprint and taking the time to open your mind up to the wonderful possibilities of web3. You’re officially in the future!