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Manage your Pod’s finances with Parcel

Last week, we released a brief case study highlighting how ENS DAO uses Orca Protocol to create and manage working groups. In it, we described how ENS DAO deployed Pods for their four working groups, each governed by $ENS voters and empowered to manage their own operations.

Each pod is governed by $ENS voters, while the pods themselves are empowered to manage their own operations, including payments, such as:

  • Paying contributors
  • Reimbursing off-chain expenses
  • Distributing Coordinape rounds
  • Delivering grants and bounties

To make payment management easier for Orca Pods, we’re excited to announce our integration with Parcel - a suite of tools to scale DAO financial operations!

What is Parcel?

Parcel is a dynamic, one-stop-shop for on-chain DAO financial operations. 

Many DAOs leverage Gnosis Safe to manage working groups and distribute funds from the safe. Parcel extends payment functionality for Gnosis Safe, including 1-click mass payouts, payroll workflows on Ethereum mainnet and Polygon, payment requests, and many more features.

What are Pods?

Conceptually, Pods formalize the individual identities and relationships between small groups of people into a distinct group or committee, often times based on expertise or project.

Technically, a pod uses a lightweight permissions layer around a Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet to create more flexible and composable working units.

With an extremely friendly user interface and extensive functionality on top of Gnosis Safe, Parcel is a natural fit to reduce payment management complexity with Pods.

How to Use Parcel as a Pod

If you’re a member of an Orca Pod, you can access your Pod’s Parcel dashboard on As with Parcel’s user onboarding workflow, connect your wallet associated with an Orca Pod and import your safe as a DAO.

Once imported, you’ll be able to see your Pod’s Safe on Parcel’s dashboard, including the wallet’s balance, token breakdown, history of transactions, and even your fellow pod-members.

From here, you can manage payments by:

By integrating with Parcel, Orca Pods can now easily manage their payment operations, abstracting away the tedium of managing finances to Parcel. Head over to and import your Pod now!