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A new Kodak Aerochrome AI model from vintage west Nevada based photographer, Jungle/boy.

We’re stoked to announce Jungle/boy is bringing his unique Kodak Aerochrome style into the TITLES ecosystem with his custom-trained INFRAWEST model. Along with access to the model, you can read about Jungle/boy’s especially unique background and process for creating his work called INFRAWEST. We we’re initially drawn to Jungle/boy because of the unique wash brought to each of his photos detailing his surroundings in Nevada. Jungle/boy has an especially unique background and personal life that no doubt defines his work as a photographer and what makes it special.

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Tell us about yourself and your work?

I'm a small town kid who grew up in Rural Nevada, I love the scenery out west from the beautiful mountains and lakes to all the old desolate towns and historic vintage spots scattered around each state. I grew up in Ely Nevada so I went to places like Great Basin National Forest a lot and seeing towns like Tonapah and Goldfield along highway 95 definitely had a lot of beautiful hidden gems. These locations are the main motivation to my work, they all remind me of home.

I'm still a fairly new photographer, I've only been doing photography now for approximately 2.5 years still learning alot of ins and outs. Plus film is new for me as well seeing I have only had my 35mm camera for about a year and half. I have chosen film over digital for most of my bodies of work simply because I love the aesthetic and vintage feel when shooting on a film camera. Like I said earlier all of these photos and the tools I us feel like home to me. INFRAWEST is my attempt at making that genre of photography my own unique perspective of old vintage west.

How did you come up with your name ‘Jungle/boy’?

The reason I chose the name Jungle/boy is because I was adopted overseas when I was young from Indonesia. I was born over in the rainforest/jungles over there hence why I chose the name Jungle/boy. It is who I am as a person and I will never forget where I came from to where I am now.


What is your project INFRAWEST and the idea behind the collection?

The whole idea behind INFRAWEST actually came from a YouTube video I was randomly watching one day. I love infrared photography especially on film. I am a huge fan of photographer, Richard Mosse, and his body of work in Africa. It got me inspired to do my own, but with Kodak Aerochrome being so expensive and not produced anymore I knew I had to go to Lightroom and make my own preset to help bring my idea to life.

What appeals to you about releasing your work on a blockchain?

The more I learn about the web3 space and blockchain the more I appreciate its benefits. When it comes to creating my art I know that when it is put up on the blockchain, it is there forever I can always go back and take record of what I have created. Also, it is amazing to see those who come to support and collect my work and keep a record of everyone who values my art as much as I do. Something cool about knowing I'm creating my own unique digital footprint of my artistic journey. Lastly it's really nice to see my collectors and other artists connect with my work. It gives me a lot of motivation to continue pushing on bettering my work.

Can you share more about your process and approach to shooting for INFRAWEST?

When it comes to actually shooting my INFRAWEST work it's really all about location weather and how each film stock looks once shot and edited on Lightroom. I shoot it all on 35mm film but the looks I can get whether I am using Fuji or I am using Kodak can be completely different so it's a challenge to pick and choose how I go about each shot. I love road trips and capturing old Vintage locations like small towns or ghost towns with abandoned buildings they make for the best shots. I'm actually a full time firefighter so when I take my road trips they honestly can range anywhere from a few days to a week just depends on how long I can get time off work.

What’re your thoughts on AI and it’s place in the creative process?

I am not a huge AI user myself but I know it’s the future. I know it can be very advantageous as well if used correctly, there are a lot of benefits to helping out with the creative process in all art forms. My hopes is that it's doesn't kill how organic art forms are created but rather yet bring value to how amazing artist are in all mediums.

What does having your own model custom trained on INFRAWEST mean to you?

Having my own model is a pretty awesome feeling because it gives others a chance to play with the kind of photography that I like to shoot. I know there are several ways to achieve infrared photography but INFRAWEST is my unique look at it and it is a pretty incredible feeling to know my look will have its own trained model.



Jungle/boy’s INFRAWEST model is available now on TITLES mobile and web applications. At TITLES, we build creative tools powered by artist-owned AI models. We help artists maintain ownership of their likeness in AI by making it easy to train, distribute, and monetize their own custom models. Since launch, TITLES has been used to create over 32,000 creations using artist-trained models each attributing and sharing earnings back with their owners. If you’re an artist or IP holder looking to create your own model with TITLES, reach out to us on Twitter or Farcaster.

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