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🌝 WEN MOON Smart Account Module

In the vast expanse of the DeFi universe, where degens and astrologers alike seek the secret to cosmic strategies, a revolutionary new module has emerged to bridge the gap between the stars and your crypto portfolio.

Introducing the WEN MOON Smart Account Module, a groundbreaking tool that could to take your DeFi strategy to interstellar heights, powered by the ancient wisdom of the lunar cycle and the cutting-edge technology of Ethereum's ERC-4337.

The Power of Astro-Strategies

Astro-strategy combines the predictive power of astrology with the volatile charm of the cryptocurrency market. This methodology not only aligns your positions with the harmonic vibrations of the cosmos but also offers a unique edge in navigating the ebbs and flows of digital currencies. Imagine leveraging the gravitational pull of Jupiter or the retrograde motion of Mercury to forecast the next opportunity—this is the essence of astro-strategy.

With some practitioners reportedly turning interstellar alignments into stellar portfolios, it's clear the stars might be more than just distant suns; they could be beacons of fortune.

Modular Smart Accounts

The introduction of ERC-4337 has ignited innovation around Smart Accounts on Ethereum, significantly enhancing user experience and security. Smart accounts offer features like multi-signature control, sponsored transactions, automated financial patterns, and robust security mechanisms.

At the heart of this innovation are Modular Smart Accounts, which allow users and developers to customize and enhance account functionalities akin to installing apps on a smartphone. This modularity ensures accounts can evolve with users' needs without the hassle of switching accounts, optimizing for both flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Safe's modular smart account infrastructure

Safe has pioneered in this domain by adopting a modular architecture that emphasizes security. The Safe Smart Account supports modules for adding custom logic, guards for security checks, and fallback handlers for interacting with a wide range of protocols.

Introducing: WEN MOON Module

The WEN MOON Module is an innovative smart account module that showcases the power of Modular Smart Accounts for DeFi automation.

WEN MOON is designed for users seeking to align their strategies with the lunar cycle. The module automatically rebalances your cryptocurrency portfolio, aiming to capitalize on the predictive power of the moon's influence on market sentiments and price fluctuations.

At the heart of the module is a sophisticated algorithm that tracks the lunar calendar, identifying key phases such as the New Moon and Full Moon, which have historically been associated with shifts in market behavior.

Based on these phases, the module dynamically rebalances your portfolio, increasing exposure to assets predicted to perform well during certain lunar periods and reducing it in others, thereby optimizing potential returns.

The WEN MOON Module is perfect for those intrigued by the intersection of celestial phenomena and markets, offering a hands-off approach to astrologically informed strategy. Whether you're a seasoned DeFi degen or new to the crypto space, this module provides a unique, automated strategy to potentially enhance your outcomes by harnessing the age-old wisdom of the lunar cycle.

Ready to align yourself towards generational interplanetary wealth? Give WEN MOON a try!

PS: Not financial advice, merely astrological advice.

How it Works

Featuring an advanced algorithm that tracks the lunar calendar, the WEN MOON Module identifies key lunar phases—like the New Moon and Full Moon—to dynamically adjust your portfolio. Whether the moon is waxing towards prosperity or waning into caution, this module ensures your investments resonate with the cosmic rhythms, offering a galactic approach to maximizing your outcomes.

There is a Moo in Moon: With integrations with CoWSwap

The WEN MOON Module builds on the ComposableCoW programmatic orders architecture. It works similar to the CoW AMM, but with the difference that the pool balancing target shifts depending on the lunar phase computed with the block timestamp (I.e. sell token A on waxing moons, and sell token B on waning moons).

  1. Lunar Phase Computation: At the heart of WEN MOON's functionality is its ability to calculate the current lunar phase using the block timestamp. This is a critical feature, as the module uses the lunar cycle — distinguishing between waxing (growing) and waning (diminishing) phases — to determine the optimal strategy.

  2. Dynamic Pool Balancing Targets: Unlike conventional AMMs that maintain a consistent strategy regardless of external factors, WEN MOON adjusts its pool balancing targets based on the lunar phase. Specifically, it operates under two main strategies:

    • Waxing Moons: During the waxing phase, when the moon grows fuller, the module is programmed to sell a particular asset in the portfolio, denoted as token A. This action is predicated on the belief that waxing moons are associated with growth and expansion, potentially signaling a favorable time to capitalize on asset appreciation.

    • Waning Moons: Conversely, during the waning phase, as the moon's visibility decreases, the module shifts its focus to selling another asset, referred to as token B. The rationale here is that waning moons might correspond with periods of consolidation or retracement, making it an opportune moment to reallocate resources within the portfolio.

  3. Integration with ComposableCoW Architecture: The WEN MOON Module operation within this framework allows it to leverage the efficiencies of composable programmatic orders for execution, ensuring that positions are executed optimally with reduced slippage and improved liquidity.

This unique approach to portfolio management combines the logic of DeFi protocols with the esoteric wisdom of lunar cycles, offering a novel way for users to align their strategies with celestial events.


The source code of WEN MOON, like everything Safe creates, is open-source and available here.

Next stop, Mars 🚀

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PS: If you made it this far, Happy April Fool’s Day! 🤡 🌕