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Mirror Integration

In our quest to integrate with the awesomest web3 platforms, we're excited to announce our basic leaderboard for Mirror publications (mirror.yup.io).

We had a blast onboarding to Mirror last week after finishing top 10 in the $WRITE Race. The onboarding experience on Mirror was quite incredible as well.

We noticed that there wasn't any discover page or menu for finding Mirror publications thus far. But we wanted to discover other great publications and thought pieces that were coming out on the platform.

That's why we've added a leaderboard of top publications on Mirror, linked by their name and ENS. Discover top Mirror publications on Yup or rate them directly from the Yup Extension.

Browse and curate content from the leading web3 publishing platform today!

About Mirror

Mirror Dev Team : f

Mirror is a community-owned and operated protocol and economy. The value of Mirror is the aggregate value of the community’s body of work, meaning existing members have both cultural and economic stakes in who’s contributing. To ensure a quality foundation, we decided to grant access on an individual basis in the early stages of the platform.

Co-Founder Denis Nazarov:

With Mirror, we're building a new publishing platform on top of crypto. We've seen the impact of Internet-enabled publishing over the past three decades, facilitated by the programmable spread of information. Now, it's time to run the experiment at the intersection of publishing and the programmable spread of value.

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