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Scouting Combine Countdown + Community Vote

Over the past few weeks, we have gathered the most requested games for the combine event leading up to out bid to compete in several tournaments next year. For more information related to our Combine and our Initial Game announcements, please check out our post here:

1st place will be added to the combine, 2nd, 3rd will be part of our Community Tournament at the end of this month! For next race, we hope to have more collaborative process with our members to add the choices in themselves. For now, please consider voting on any of these 15 games!

We want more fans and members of the HVND to contribute to what we play competitively, so for this race, anyone who holds at least 10 $HVND can contribute to the voting of our community choice game. Before voting starts, a snapshot will be taken at 12 noon eastern time to know how many wallet holders have 10 $HVND. Soon after, at 3pm, the race will begin and live for two days until the 4th. After the voting period closes, we will conclude our combine applications and kickoff preshow content for our Combine Event on the 6th.

Voting Recap

  • The community vote race begins at 3pm.
  • Participants need at least 10 $HVND before 12 noon eastern time.
  • The voting period is held for two days.
  • Multisigs can participate with a member voting on the behalf of that wallet for extra voting power.

We’re very eager to see what games we’ll train for this year for next season! Happy voting and as always, let’s not just play the game—change the game.


As always, please keep it locked to our discord and twitter channels for more info on the Combine and everything else HVND related. See you on the field.