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BLVKHVND Presents the Season of Affluence from October 10 - December 11, 2021. This is the first of three seasons for BLVKHVND Year One.

BLVKHVND aims to tell a comprehensive fictional narrative story about the HVND. As such, each year (in current form) is a narrative arc spanning three seasons. These seasons build on each other providing LORE scattered throughout NFT drops, community events, and other immersive experiences. Story content is available for members and non members alike.


Land of the HVND: Black Marrow is a special material that is both super-light, and incredibly dense. It's cultivated from the bones of an ancient giant race that once roamed the Earth. A special faction called the HVND operates in secret pockets around the globe, subtly influencing events to benefit their agenda. Ancient rituals (hand holding ceremonies) performed in specific ruins fill black marrow with a special force that reacts differently to each user. A new faction surfaces, threatening peace on Earth if the HVND is not wiped off the face of the planet.

Chaos ensues.

The Pledge

We, of the black, rise.

We, of the HVND, hold.

Tis the season of affluence;

Lock bone with my family beside me

Go forth and reap the bounty,

before the Day comes to defile thee.

~ Night Commander Darcel

The endless night continues, and the HVND continues to rise. Join the ranks and celebrate with us as the Season of Affluence propagates.

At the Horizon, the Day threatens our peace. Let us band together, collect our Marrow and fortify our stronghold so that we will not be swept away.

Peer into the eyes and you shall be rewarded.

Activities + Calendar

Calendar + Events


  • BLVKHVND Scouting Combine

    The scouting combine takes place October 10 - 20th. More information related to the event can be found here: Combine Announcement

  • Community Vote

    The Community Vote was a success! With over 5k votes, the community selected Illuvium as our fifth and final game for our competitive division to tackle into 2022’s competitive circuit. More info can be found here: Community Vote

  • HVND 2022 Team Roster Announcement

    As we complete the combine, we will announce our team members that the HVND community signs on. We are super excited to meet our players.

  • Monster Mash Open Invitational Tournament

    Our goal is to host a successful live broadcasted tournament to bring crypto-native gaming to our existing non-crypto community, and develop on-ramps to earn crypto for them and our newer members. The Monster Mash is not just a name, we aim to create a thematic experience for active participants and viewers with competitions related to gaming and culture are open and available to enjoy.

    This tournament also acts as a stress test for our newly formed esports teams to help them develop early chemistry as they begin to play with each other for the first time.

November - December

  • Community “Let’s Play” Events

    We wouldn’t be a gaming DAO if we didn’t play games together. We’ll be opening up our calendars and our thumbs to organize DAO wide “let’s play” events to build camaraderie and respect amongst each other with the games we love. These are always opt-in fun, you can be a member and never pick up a controller—we love you all the same.

  • Holiday NFT Drop

    Tis the Season of Affluence. We come bearing gifts. Please visit us at the HVNDS OF TREASURED GOODS for all your wants and desires. We’re upgrading our shop to include some incredible wares both digital and IRL.

  • House of The HVND

    You didn’t think we wouldn’t broadcast our games right? We’re teaming up with Glass Protocol to build an exclusive streaming portal for our HVND members and LP HVNDS. There, you’ll find a new way to enjoy watching content and engaging with our streaming community.

  • $BALM Development

    A Protocol for Asset Borrowing. We are actively building a more inclusive and approachable means to acquire playable assets for the best crypto-native games. We intend to kickoff a more substantial push for development toward the end of the season. Keep it locked for more details.

  • LOOT20 Project Reveal

    A side project as a result of a chance investment in the original LOOT NFTs, an opportunity presented itself to work on a project that incorporates LOOT and its derivatives in a wrapper to create, deploy, and play DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) style campaigns.

Season Pass

Season of Affluence kicks off our first ever pathway for community activities through storytelling. We hope that it helps community members earn rewards and contribute to the HVND through participating in events, completing challenges, being active on social, engaging in defi & NFTs. Seasons also offer additional exclusive rewards for community members to earn with premium access and story NFTs.

How Does it Work?

  • Each week a set of tasks are given for members to complete to progress to the next level within the season pass.
  • At the end of each week, a snapshot is gathered to capture task completion for players to redeem their rewards.
  • For players that complete all rewards, a special set of tasks can be completed for additional story content and more.

Season Pass NFT

The Season of Affluence NFT will be made available for 0.2ETH on Oct. 10, 2021. A snapshot will be taken of all existing holders of 100 $HVND tokens, HVND of ACCESS, and, HVND of AFFLUENCE NFTS on Oct 8th at 9pm EST. For non-members and members of the HVND that do not have a full membership, you will be able to fill out a request form on Oct 9th at 12pm EST. That form will include you into the initial drop of Season Passes.


Season of Affluence Reward Chart

  • (Up to) 100 $HVND - 33 HVND free | 100 HVND premium
  • Special Shoutout - SPECIAL LIVE BROADCAST
  • Custom Event - TBD
  • New Discord Role + Badge - SEASON 1 PRIVATE DISCORD CHANNEL

All season pass rewards must be redeemed within the duration of the SEASON. Because we do not have a real-time method to mint NFTs upon an individual player’s completion, we will not mint more NFTs past the end date of this season. Depending on the success of this season and the bandwidth afforded to us, we may revisit this toward the end of the year.



  1. How does this NFT work with existing Access and Crowdfund NFTs?

    For our members who own the crowdfund and access nfts, they play a role in establishing the lore of this season and can be used in a special way toward the completion of the season’s events. For the HVND of ACCESS NFT specifically, these were made to address folks who did not participate in the crowdfund and/or could not receive a crowdfund NFT (due to contract error)—so these special NFTs have modifying properties to some of the rewards found within the season pass. More info related to these NFTs will be revealed as you complete your pass!

  2. How do we participate in the premium reward tier?

    By purchasing the SEASON PASS NFT. The SEASON PASS NFT will be limited to 1 purchase per person with $HVND members and NFT holders already added to the queue.

BLVKHVND (Black Hand) is a dSports gaming community focused on competitive play, content creation, and accessibility to support gamers, collaborate with developers, amplify creatives, and decentralized the industry as a whole. To learn more about what we do, and how we do it, please check out our website, twitter, and discord.

See you on the field. #heavyistheHVND

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