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5 Steps to Break Into Web3

Gm…Do you want to break into Web3, but don’t know where to start?

In this article, I’ll outline 5 steps to breaking into the Web3 space and some resources that helped me along the way. This blueprint is largely based on my experience landing a Marketing job in NFTs and turning some of my artwork into crypto art, but the model can be adapted to any niche in the Web3 world: DeFi, DAOs, etc. 

STEP 1 - Join in on the conversation. Make a Twitter account. Follow people in Web3 and start learning passively by reading and listening in on Twitter Spaces. Make a Discord account and jump in on servers. Ask people questions. There are no bad questions; we’re all learning!

You can check out the Web3 people I follow here.

STEP 2 - Get some skin in the game. Buy a little crypto and start playing around on different platforms in the ecosystem. You probably won’t make the best investment choices, but you’re investing in your learning at this point. Ethereum is the most popular, resourced, and interoperable blockchain for NFTs. However, there are other blockchains such as Tezos and Solana which have lower transaction fees (A.K.A. “gas”), and these could be more affordable options for testing the waters. 

To get some skin in the game, you’ll need a wallet to hold your crypto and you’ll need to buy crypto from an exchange.

STEP 3 - Read widely to narrow it down. Jump headfirst into the rabbit hole and take some time to just read and learn about the space. Once you have a lay of the land, narrow down your reading to what interests you the most. Do you want to get into NFTs? DeFi? DAOs? There’s so much to Web3, so it’s best to choose a niche to start then expand from there. If NFTs are your vibe, here are some recommended resources to learn about the space:





Telegram Group

STEP 4 - Find your niche. This looks different for everyone.

For people trying to get a job in the space, this looks like volunteering your time and contributing to projects in that niche. This is how you’ll organically connect with people, signal your commitment to building Web3, and figure out what kinds of projects you’re into.

  • You can learn a lot by joining a project or a DAO and starting to contribute. Wondering what DAOs are out there? Check out this directory. 
  • I'm part of a group called Holdersland, which seeks to empower Caribbean creatives with Web3 technology. Here's our Discord if you'd like to hop in.

For artists and musicians, this might mean experimenting and exploring the various platforms available to you to turn your work into NFTs. What are the platforms available to you?

NFT Platforms for Visual Artists

  • This article gives a good lay of the land of the various Ethereum-based platforms. I work for Async Art (#6 mentioned on the list) so feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Canvas, our free tool for making programmable and generative art!
  • Objkt (Tezos)
  • HEN (Tezos)

NFT Platforms for Musicians

STEP 5 - Nail down your Web3 story. When I first entered the Web3 space, I was blown away at how open people are to connecting and helping others, and this is a culture I think we should all commit to maintaining. 

The last step is articulating why you’re in the space and what your unique contribution is. Start with that story when applying to jobs or connecting with people. DM people on Twitter, reach out for coffee chats on LinkedIn. If you are able to articulate a clear message about why you’re in space, this will land with the right people, and will make it easier for people to connect you with others aligned with your vision. 

An important caveat here is that telling your Web3 story doesn’t go one way. Always be thinking about how you can add value to your interactions with people. Impostor syndrome is real, but believe me, you have value to add! Whether it is a book suggestion, or connecting two people you think should know each other, this is in the ethos of Web3. (Side note: If you’re curious about this concept of adding value your interactions with people, check out Give and Take by Adam Grant…See what I did there? 👀 hehe)

Most importantly, as you’re going through this process, be patient with yourself! No matter what your interest, finding your niche can take time. Keep exploring, keep connecting, and that’s where the magic happens. 

That’s all for now, folks! I hope this was a helpful guide for breaking into Web3. Any feedback? Questions? My DMs are open and I would love to hear from you. Until next time <3