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Collection: Tezarot Cards

The origins of these Tezarot cards can be found in my Zoku means Family collection, which I started minting at HEN and currently continuing at Objkt.


However, it could go back even further, to a few years ago when I spent the entire day studying and writing poetry.

It was around that time that I discovered Tarot cards from a girl I was dating. Who later became my girlfriend and current partner. She had a Raiders deck. One of the most popular and also interesting for beginners because it has many pictures that help to read.

I used that Raider deck for a while but soon it became necessary for me to have my own deck. After researching and playing various decks, I chose the Tarot of Marseille.

Marseille deck is somewhat more difficult and condensed than the others, but there is also a lot of bibliography around it. Which was important to me because I usually learn from books.

But (always a but eh!) with the Tarot that would not work. Books are not enough to learn the Tarot. You have to feel it and discover his secrets from inside. And the best to feel it is to throw the cards, use them. Even if only between friends.

So I started to throw it. My intention was to learn its symbols and practice my poetry. I would achieve both things over the years and although I no longer throw the Tarot, its presence always helps me think things over. The Tarot is a source of inspiration tied to life, with thousands of symbols.

That same deck is still very close to me, within arm's reach, as I write this.

So when I started to design the Cactus card (the 001, as a rarity within the collection) I didn't know that I would make a complete collection, only when Photoshop broke (and that is why you will see that the glitch in the 001 is very different to others) I understood that it was a sign and the tip of the iceberg of a new collection.


Some things I can say about Tezarot cards:

  • The Tezarot Cards are not a Tarot in a classic way. They are pretty minimalist in the sense that the drawings do not carry so many symbols. Besides the clear difference that they have a text, sometimes a haiku, sometimes a plain text, sometimes a tip or a legend...
  • The Tezarot has some similarities with a Tarot. The most important things to me: the spirit of the game and strong oracular energy.
  • All the cards are mint on Tezos Blockchain. Only on my Rarible account made for this purpose (https://rarible.com/zzoku).
  • The cards have different edition numbers, depending on their rarity.
  • In the aesthetic part, I use all the tools at my fingertips. Digital glitches and AIs are my favorites.

Some things I can't say about Tezarot cards:

  • How many cards will they be? The collection is new and I make these cards manually, one by one: I think and reflect on the card number to build it. I don't know to what number I will go or how far my inspiration will accompany me. But I can feel that the inspiration of my muse is strong in this collection.
  • Drop frequency: I hope to make at least one card a week (if I can do more better), but the truth is that it will depend on inspiration. I am not going to rush these cards, each one has its time and I must go find it where its spirit is nesting.
  • When are the drops? There is no fixed day or date, it moves, the dropping has a life of its own. The fastest way to know is Twitter, where I usually talk about the card I'm working on. There is also the Discord that brings together all my collectors and this blog, which is the most formal and suitable for strict communications.
  • Utilities? I don't know. Maybe the random airdrop that I usually do to all my collectors and supporters. But is not for sure. Maybe there's something new on the horizon and I haven't figured it out yet. We will see.
  • Copyrights of the Tezarots? Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

With all that said, let's see the three cards that are already available.

Cactus - Tezarot 001

The first card mint it, the genesis of all the collection, and the one that has a glitch that even if I want I can't reproduce.

Curious fact: there is the card 000, which is the one corresponding to the Fool in the classical Tarot. But that card is not the first, nor the last, it is nowhere and can appear at any time.

this glitch was 100% out of my control

La Papesse - Tezarot 002

Note that the cards have a name that does not correspond to the title description. Words are tricky. However, the numbers remain true.

a little joke for the big brain VB

Android empress - Tezarot 003