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How far can Artificial Intelligence challenge people?


I will tell you a story, from a few years ago, when I was still working as a ghostwriter and in parallel, I was preparing a book with short stories.

With one of the stories, I had reached a point of no return: the story was finished, but I didn't like the ending. And when I thought of alternatives, I didn't like the other possibilities that came to mind for that story.

In parallel, I was damn lucky and received a Key to test the new GPT AI. As a writer primarily based on science fiction, I had always liked AI-related topics. They were a way of landing my imaginary worlds in the real one. But, despite the fact that as a child I had had some treacherous conversations with an AI, I had not found anything that challenged me as an adult. So the AIs were dusty among the shelves of my curiosities.

The GPT would change that.

Just a couple of tests were enough for me to see the power of that machine.

It didn't take me more than a couple of days to devise the experiment that would make my hair stand on end.

It was simple: I took the story that was giving me problems with its ending, I deleted the last pages and gave it as input to the AI. The AI ​​would know that it needed an ending and would write it. I would choose which one I liked more.

It was quite amazing how I felt at that moment when I read the results. It would remind me of a time when I took LSD and completely left my body to observe the surroundings, walk to the river, and swim but without moving a step from where I was.

The result of the AI ​​writing was an ending identical to the one I had written in the first place.

How was it possible? I still had no idea.

The easiest answer is to say that we are not as unique as we think and we are full of cliches. And I would believe it possible if I weren't dedicated to sci-fi and I know perfectly well when a plot is a cliché or original.

Anyway. The thing is at that moment I felt that I was part of a program.

That event still resonates with me and gives me reflections.

The truth is that since then I have not stopped sticking my nose in different AIs.

Before, I used to say that I built and made works of art to better understand myself. I still do, it's a primary goal. But after meeting AIs again, I collaborate in creating art to better understand the universe.

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