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Blockchain, Bitcoin, business monetization

1.Blockchain For me, blockchain is a new technology trend, and technology usually brings innovation in the market, which is also one of the reasons why blockchain is so popular. Of course, how many of the voices here are about technology, and how many of them are talking about digital currency in the name of blockchain I don't know.

My judgment is actually consistent with the mainstream judgment in the market. Blockchain is likely to overturn the current Internet environment. To be precise, it is an upgrade to our current Internet.

Of course, it is a kind of "technical" upgrade.

2.Bitcoin is synonymous with a type of digital currency. In fact, there are two kinds of Bitcoin on the market, one is the capital market and the other is the "miner".

There is no way to talk about the former, it is really not high enough. If you want to understand the former, you might as well pay attention to Teacher Li Xiaolai. I think it is not an exaggeration to call Teacher Li Xiaolai the spokesperson of the capital market bitcoin. What do you think?

The latter, miner’s Bitcoin, is a kind of product gameplay. We should first realize that Bitcoin itself is not a product, but a certain “element” belonging to a product category.

From the perspective of a practitioner, when we look at Bitcoin, we can't just look at the price, but also at its business, its form of expression, and some "product" level things.

I made a bold guess:

Product A provides a service for specific users to "bypass bank supervision to achieve transfer purposes", and users need to pay a certain "handling fee" to use this service. The realization principle of this business requires the assistance of ordinary users to complete, and a large number of network users need to form a special business achievement environment (blockchain) comparable to bank supervision. In order to reward and encourage ordinary users to participate, when ordinary users participate and complete the business, they will receive a certain token reward (Bitcoin). In order to make these rewards (Bitcoins) attractive to users, there are some hidden designs that allow the value of these tokens to increase (not mentioned in the article). 3. Business monetization Business monetization is a concept I put forward. Perhaps there are already similar concepts or concepts with the same name. It can only be said that any similarities are purely coincidental.

I think business monetization is a new way for companies and users to get along, a bit like the back feeding of the animal kingdom.

At the beginning of the enterprise, users are actually the food and clothing parents of the enterprise. In the later stage of the enterprise, whether it is capital intervention, scale expansion, or business increase, this relationship needs to change.

I have experienced many start-up projects, some developed and some died. But there is always one thing in common. The distance between companies and users is always getting farther and farther. When I want to give back and thank old users, I can often do nothing.

Business monetization allows users to grow with the growth of the company and share the value of the company. In many cases, it is not that companies are unwilling to share their own interests, but that there is no way to achieve them. Of course, in terms of actual results, after realizing a community of interests with users, for enterprises, it is equivalent to deeply binding users in their own industries.

This is also an extremely effective method for active users and self-propagation.