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Yupdate 3/2/21

This week we're highlighting our Zora and Foundation integrations, new ways to curate NFTs, and Ethereum wallet sign-up/linking. Let's dive right in 🏊

Product Updates:

Foundation Integration

Foundation is the Crème de la crème 🇫🇷 of NFT art and now you can curate on it. Rate NFTs with the Yup extension, earn rewards and influence for good taste, and follow others' favorites. Curation never looked so good ✨

Zora Integration

Zora has one of the most diverse and creative NFT marketplaces to date. With our Zora integration, you can curate just about anything, and earn YUP and influence for doing so. To get a glimpse of the talent on Zora, check out our Twitter thread where we highlight incredible work from the IAMSOUND event.


NFT Rating Categories

With wonderful art everywhere in crypto, the space needs a better way to express itself. That's why we've introduced these bad boys. ❤️, 🌸, 🦄: Our new NFT rating categories. The new categories allow you to rate how "popular", "beautiful", or "original" a piece of art is. Art evokes nuanced feelings; now you have a nuanced way to express them

Ethereum Wallet Connect

Introducing Ethereum Wallet integration 😲! You can now sign-up or link any Walletconnect wallet through the Yup extension or Web App. Here's to making sign-up even easier 🍻

Branding Yup with Pre-Brand

Yup and Pre-Brand lead Pieratt are working on a week-long open branding session for Yup, including two publicly streamed sessions on Pre-Brand's live Twitch stream. These will occur today at 11am-3:30pm EST and Thursday 10am-5pm EST.

Pre-Brand has worked with some crypto greats like Mirror, NFTX, Prysm, and more. Join us for live contributions and crowd-sourced decision-making!


New Governance Platform: Boardroom

The Yup Protocol is a decentralized protocol governed by its participants (you!). In an effort to improve Yup governance, we've been delightfully onboarded to Boardroom. Check out our new governance portal here!

New Blog: Mirror

After winning the $WRITE race, Yup has received exclusive access to decentralized publications platform Mirror. This gave us the ability to create yup.mirror.xyz, our new publication that will replace blog.yup.io in the coming days.


With all our new platform integrations, the quality and creativity of NFTs on Yup are off the charts this week. Here are some of the community's favorites. Enjoy 😉

Cornrows 🌽

Flowers from the King

Finding Order

Thanks for tuning into another Yupdate. See you all in the next one 👋

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