Posted on May 02, 2023Read on Mirror.xyz

Introducing Cross-Posting 🌿🟣🐦

Yup puts the best of web3 in one feed. So you can find what matters, no matter where it's posted, everywhere you go. But that was just the beginning.

Introducing: Cross-posting. 🌿🟣🐦

Post to Farcaster, Lens, and Twitter with one click. Now live in Yup Mobile.

At Yup, our work is guided by a few big ideas:

Blockchains are social graphs.

Blockchains power interactions, and display those interactions for all to see. Therefore, blockchains are social graphs -- the richest in history. All we need to do is build accessible, useful, beautiful layers on top.

Web3 is built on composability.

web2 was defined by tech giants who ruthlessly harvested our data, siloed it off, and sold it away. web3 greatest opportunity to build a different system: composable, collaborative, and decentralized.

Mobile is web3's final frontier.

web3 must strive toward widespread adoption. And if we want you in web3, we need to put web3 in your pocket. That means we build for phones.

These ideas led us to aggregation as the future of web3. That's why we built Yup Mobile.

Yup puts the best of Lens, Farcaster, Mirror, Twitter, NFTs, POAPs and more in one endless feed. The latest alpha, the most galaxy-brained takes, and the dankest memes -- all on your phone. Curated content from across the decentralized web. That's the power of composability.

But that's not enough. Social is not a one-way street. We need more than consumption -- we need creation. So we built that, too.

Yup now supports web3 cross-posting. With one click, you can create content on Lens, Farcaster, and Twitter simultaneously. This is a true first for web3 social.

So far, Yup has aggregated content: from many platforms to one app. With cross-posting, we imagine a future beyond aggregation, powered by composable creation: from one app to many platforms.

This is what composability is all about. Separate platforms being united to create better shared experiences. In web2, social networks competed in a zero-sum game. In web3, we grow together.

If you've been invited to Yup, go try your first cross-post now! Sign it with: 🌿🟣🐦

If you're not on Yup yet, join the waitlist here and comment with the word β€œyup” on our announcement.