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The primary reason for making this website, was to compile the most common used tools in the web3 security space. By web3 we are referring to contracts written in Solidity for ERC20 based chains, and Rust for the solana chain.

It is by no means exhaustive and complete, and will be in a perpetual state of Work-In-Progress.

I am not a web developer, and hence have built this site using a the nocode website builder - softr.io. You can see the prominent logo of it on the left bottom corner of the page. I would eventually upgrade this account once I am able to raise some funds most probably through GITCOIN or via an NFT sale through this medium.

All information that has been gathered has been through research on twitter and github mostly.

I would also like to credit the bug bounty platform immunefi, whose ongoing twitter hash tag of #immunefischool has been an invaluable resource in the making of this website. Their discord server has many helpful folk who often share excellent resources to anyone interested in web3 auditing.

Github Repo


  1. All major announcement, changelogs will be published in this official repo.
  2. Please see project boards for planned features, or you can make a suggestion for a feature via the Submit Bugs link at the bottom of the website.

Submit Bugs or Improvement

If you would like to submit any bugs or suggest an improvement, please open a github issue. Please note that I am not a webdev, and I will be limited in the ability to implement them.