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In 24 games, the Spanish team scored 20 goals and assisted 10 times. Benzema became the double king of the Spanish team

In this round of La Liga, Real Madrid beat Royal Society 4-1 at home. Benzema scored the third goal to help Real Madrid lead 3-1.

Although only one penalty was scored, Benzema scored 20 goals in La Liga this season, which is his fourth consecutive season with more than 20 goals.

In La Liga, Benzema made 24 appearances, scored 20 goals and assisted 10 times.

In the Champions League, Benzema made six appearances, scored five goals and assisted once. In addition, Benzema also scored two goals in the Spanish Super Cup.

In La Liga, Benzema is not only the best shooter, but also the best assistant.

After 27 rounds of La Liga, the goal reached 20 +, Benzema is also the eighth player to reach this figure in Real Madrid’s history, and the last one is Ronaldo.

Benzema has scored more than 20 goals in La Liga for six seasons. In the history of Real Madrid, only Di Stefano, Puskas and Ronaldo have done so before.