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Commencement of emergency monitoring of the price of new coronary drugs in Guinea-Bissau

The Department of Medical Insurance in the Department of Pittingh has, in recent days (in the early hours of the press), initiated emergency monitoring of the prices of new pneumococcal pneumonia-related medicines throughout the province.

Based on the new PACT Emergency Monitoring Instrument, which was launched by the Provincial Medical Insurance Agency, the drugs currently being monitored are mainly: ammonia-based pyrene, Blofin, Aprin, acetical particles, acetic particles/spin, pneumoctic pulmon pulmon pulmon pulmon pulmon, pulmon pulmonary particles, dredging capsules, hexathesis, brominated ammonia, brominated diphenyl ether, hexaphonic ammonia, chlorophonic acid, chlorobutyl chloride, chloride, chlorobutam, salphthroid, chlorobutam, chloride, chlorobutam, chloride, chlorobutam, chlorobutam, chlorobutam, chlorobenthroid, chlorine, chloride, chlorobutam, chloride, pyrethroid, chloride, chloride, chromite, chromite, chromite, chloride, chlor The scope of the monitoring is based on the dynamic adjustment of the Department of State’s Integrated Control Mechanism for the New Coroner Pneumonia Epidemic, Guidelines for Home Treatment for New Coroner Virus Infections.

The Provincial Medical Insurance Board requires municipalities (districts) to identify three business-based, representative retail drug shops in the city as a monitoring point, monitor the prices of related drug sales, find prices unreasonable and provide timely leads to the local market regulation.