Bitwhale Capital

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Brief Intro: Bring your crypto-asset from Bit to Whale

Bitwhale Capital: Bring your crypto-asset from bit to Whale

Bitwhale Capital is a pioneering crypto-asset portfolio management provider serving high net worth clients from around the globe by integrating best-in-market portfolio strategies with sophisticated research to offer a basket of solutions to increase volume and value of clients’ crypto-asset. Our specialists are pros in the primary&secondary market, DeFi, GameFi and crypto-mining etc.

Our History:Starting as an accelerator serving elite blockchain projects

Bitwhale’s predecessor HeartBit founded in 2019( Consulting, project whole life cycle operation, branding&marketing, tech development, primary & secondary market investment.

Products: Industry investment and crypto asset managemen

Devote to the market niche of crypto asset management, high-quality project investment and comprehensive research analysis, including the following fields,

· Primary Market

Cornerstone, Seed, Angel, Private Placement

· Secondary Market

Identify best potentials

· Equipment-based&DeFi Mining

A set of safe and high-yield BTC, ETH, Chia and DeFi mining combination

· GameFi

Self-owned Ace Studio dedicated to GameFi play-to-earn projects like Axie Infinity

· Investment in third-party funds

Improve utilization rate and security level managed assets



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