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Posted on Oct 08, 2021Read on Mirror.xyz

Hacking PartyBid to bid on unsupported Foundation Collections

So you and your friends want to partybid on something in the cool new Foundation Collections, but the PartyBid.app frontend doesn’t support it yet? And the auction is over in 12 hours you say?

You’re in luck, we just hacked our way through this today, lofi permissionless blockchain-style!

Using a contract deployed via Etherscan and a custom lil’ web frontend, DefMicroParty pooled ~6 ETH and is now the proud owner of Jen Stark’s beautiful Microcosm #22

I wrote up this HOWTO for Sirsu but thought it might be helpful for everyone else trying to do this <3

You’ll need to do a few things, and some technical savvy is required:

  1. Dig up the NFT contract address, token ID and auction ID
  2. Deploy a PartyBid contract instance
  3. ~Deploy your own version of the custom web frontend~ j/k Steve from PartyDAO has fixed the partybid.app frontend, you can see it all there now.

If you’re into this or have any questions, feel free to join us on the new Definitely Crypto discord server – “a place for friends” (and hackers, designers, writers, musicians, businesspeoples, activists, lawyers, vandals and anyone else who likes making stuff and having fun)

Deploy a PartyBid contract instance

  1. Choose a piece of art,Fund your wallet and rally your poss. For Sirsu this is https://foundation.app/@yatreda/taitu/10 (p.s. awesome piece)
  2. Find the piece you want on Foundation and copy its custom contract URL:

in this case: 0x814A056F1607C7F43285a1a1de43755Ed3b26eE7

  1. Look up the tokenID – this is generally in the link from Foundation too

Ours is 10

  1. Look up the Foundation auction ID for that specific token

I visit the Foundation Market contract on Etherscan to look this up: 0xcDA72070E455bb31C7690a170224Ce43623d0B6f


Use the getReserveAuctionIdFor function and put in your NFT contract from step 2 and your token ID from step 3

Ours is 97237

Now you have your arguments for the startParty contract call:

_marketWrapper (address):  0x96e5b0519983f2f984324b926e6d28C3A4Eb92A1
_nftContract (address) 0x814A056F1607C7F43285a1a1de43755Ed3b26eE7
_tokenId (uint256) 10
_auctionId (uint256) 97237
_splitRecipient (address) 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
_splitBasisPoints (uint256) 0
_name (string): WhateverYouWant
_symbol (string): WHATEVERUWANT

Time to deploy a PartyBid instance!

Visit the PartyBidFactory contract on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0xAba3506DDF718278632B245ad0d86BB81070BA47#code

Fill in the values you dug up:

Write contact and hold onto your butts!

Deploy the lofi custom frontend

UPDATE: this is no longer necessary, partybid.app now supports custom contracts.

Once deployed, you will want to contribute funds. Unfortunately the partybid.app UI does not currently support this. You’ll need to deploy a copy of a custom web3 frontend that Shahruz wrote in like 30 minutes:


The fastest ways to deploy this are setting it up on Vercel or Netlify. This is more involved and a little bit beyond the scope of this guide, but you can check those sites for getting-started guides. Both are relatively easy if you’ve built a web app before, but grab a friend if that’s new territory for you.

The frontend we used to win Microcosmos #22 is here as an example: https://defparty.netlify.app/

You will need to edit this file to put in your contract address, your own Infura key, plus links to your own relevant things so folks don’t think they’re on a completely sketchy website:


We’re planning to clean this up and move some things to ENV vars, which would graduate this from dirtstyle to double dirtstyle

Big thank you to Steve Klebenoff, Shahruz, Matt Lehrer everyone in Definitely Crypto, everyone who bid on this with us, and especially Jen Stark for the beautiful work!