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Cabin 2022 Roadmap: Bringing DAOs Together IRL

Today we are excited to announce Cabin’s 2022 Roadmap. In support of our goal to build a decentralized city for online creators, we will be spending this year building an Embassy for DAOs, both physically in our cabin network and virtually around the world.

We believe an Embassy for DAOs can provide the seed for our decentralized city because:

  • DAOs are the best organizing structure for independent online creators
  • Coordination among DAOs is one of the most important bottlenecks to ecosystem growth
  • Cabin is uniquely positioned to help connect DAOs to each other physically and virtually

In 2022, we believe we'll start to see what can happen when DAOs collaborate more deliberately with each other. By connecting DAOs together to share learnings, build mutual financial incentives, and develop the culture of web3, we can help scale the GDP of the DAO ecosystem. We envision a future where every DAO has an ambassador representative to build and strengthen these connections, in person and virtually. As we help grow the GDP of DAOs, we will seed the economy and culture of our decentralized city.

Cabin 2022 Roadmap

2022: An Embassy for DAOs

1. Establish physical embassies and virtual hubs to foster collaboration across the DAO ecosystem

Node 0 and Beyond

In order to support larger DAO retreats and build the first DAO Embassy, we need to grow the physical footprint at Node 0 in the Texas Hill Country, outside of Austin, Texas. We have a series of Build Weeks lined up for our members to fly in with hammers and drills to expand Node 0.

Additionally, we will write a playbook for the expansion, development, and tokenomics of future nodes so that we are set up to formally expand to a broader set of nodes in 2023.

Media Guild Expansion

This past year our Writer’s Guild wrote high-quality, thoughtful deep-dives into the mechanics of building and operating DAOs. In 2022, we’re expanding our Writer's Guild into a Media Guild that will produce writing, hosted virtual events and spaces, podcasts, videos, and other forms of content to help DAO operators learn the tips and tricks of the trade.

2. Host retreats, conferences, and events to bring DAO operators together IRL

Cabin Retreats

Cabin should be the obvious choice for any DAO team that wants to get together IRL.

  • Inspirational nature? ✔
  • Blazing fast internet? ✔
  • Purpose-built collaboration space? ✔
  • On-site events with other DAOs?✔

We are planning to host 25 retreats this year at Node 0 with Season 2 passes already sold out. Do you want to host your retreat with us? Get in touch here.

DAO Ambassador Residency Program

Growing from our roots as a creator residency program, we are re-focusing the residency program on groups of DAO operators who share the same roles across different DAOs to support the creation of DAO ambassadorship. By bringing cohorts of DAO operators from across the ecosystem together, we believe we can accelerate cross-DAO collaboration and learnings. We have four in-person programmed cohorts in 2022, with Cohort 1 well underway at Node 0 with members from Seed Club, Krause House, groundw3rk, and 0xStation.

Conferences and Events

Can’t make it to Austin? You can see us IRL at a variety of conferences this year, including ETH Denver, Metacamp, and MCON. We’re also planning DAO-centric events for later this year. Stay tuned for more details and dates, you are not going to want to miss these!

3. Build products that support the development of the DAO ecosystem

NFT Passports

With NFT Passports, we're changing what's possible for on-chain membership, giving DAOs one place to easily create, mint, and manage your membership NFTs—no fancy tech stuff required. Launching at the end of February, we’ll implement them first for Cabin use-cases, as well as open up our software for access-based NFTs to other DAOs.

Hacker News for DAOs

We are building the Hacker News for DAOs—the go to community and source of content from across the DAO ecosystem, set to launch later in February. We think web3 content composability combined with token-based voting methods offers interesting opportunities for a new content aggregation community.

Decentralized Product Development Engine

We believe that DAO software will be best developed through open-source methods. As a first step towards this vision in 2021, we open-sourced our website and brand assets for use across the DAO. In 2022, we will put in place the processes and systems that allow DAO members to experiment with permissionless projects that improve the tooling of our DAO and other DAOs.

Building the Roadmap

Ultimately, we strive to apply this open-source development process to all aspects of Cabin. We will accomplish this incredibly ambitious and wide-ranging roadmap by continuously enabling decision-making and execution to happen at the most local levels of our DAO. Our most important strategic imperative is empowering capable individuals to lead and build on the edges of the network using strong systemic foundations.

Join Us

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About Cabin

Cabin is a decentralized city built by creators, for creators. Cabin believes in the power of bringing people together IRL, especially for decentralized and distributed teams. Cabin is the DAO to help other DAOs accelerate their work by getting together IRL. Cabin’s mission is to build a decentralized city with nodes all over the world, empower creators to pursue an independent career online, and build the products for creators and DAOs to achieve the first two goals. As a decentralized city, the DAO has both physical and digital land. The physical land is made up of various nodes around the world, starting with Node 0 outside of Austin, Texas. The digital land includes Cabin’s Discord server and corner of Twitter.

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