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Web3 Manager Launchpad

Getting started with Music NFTs is hard.

Managing artists is even harder.

As someone who spent the better half of 3 years managing emerging artists out of college - artist management is no easy task.

On the back of the Music NFT Launchpad, we were able to bring 12 new artists into web3 by helping them mint their first Music NFTs.

Now - we’re ready to run it back with a new twist.

This next cohort will be for 10 emerging web3 managers - all tasked with the goal of finding one web3 artist to call a client.

As with the last cohort, the Launchpad features:

  • A month-long education program

  • Weekly workshops

  • Guest lectures

  • Private chat group

  • Application support

The program will continue to prioritize underrepresented managers, and will favor managers looking to make a name for themselves over those with an established roster of clients.

The Launchpad is a free opportunity designed to prepare managers for success in web3.

If you’re interested in joining, please apply here - or read below to learn more.

What is the Manager Launchpad?

Managers are the backbone behind artist’s careers.

They are often tasked with the administrative work that keeps the train moving, and keeps artists aligned with their vision.

With web3, we’re starting to see the emergence of a new class of service work - all of which requires a new set of skills.

The Web3 Manager Launchpad is a program to bring 10 new managers into web3, all with the intent to help find a client actively releasing Music NFTs.

The Mission

Educate managers on how to best serve artists in web3 with their Music NFT releases.

Inspire managers to challenge traditional commission structures in favor of more forward thinking models.

Identity emerging artists and give them a roster of managers eager and prepared to embrace their path ahead.


The Web3 Manager Launchpad will meet over the course of a month.

Each participant is expected to engage in four, one-hour long sessions to be scheduled in accordance with the availability of the group.

Beyond the hour-long sessions, all async communications will take place on Telegram.

Applicants will be nominated by the Music NFT community and selected by a curated committee of benefactors.

The goal is to give managers a thorough understanding of the Music NFT community and the platforms that enable them.

They will have an opportunity to be introduced to a new ocean of potential clients, and start to shape a name for themselves in a growing new sector.

By the end of the program, each manager should feel confident about communicating Music NFTs to their network, and finding their first client in web3.

The Curriculum

Over the course of a month, participants will engage in weekly workshops with the following curriculum.

Week 1: NFT Fundamentals

  • The ethos of NFTs.

  • Risks of web3.

  • Understanding fungibility.

  • Non-custodial wallets

  • Explaining gas and nonce.

  • Setting up an ENS.

  • How to export holder csv

  • Web3 terminology and acronyms.

Week 2: Music NFT Landscape

  • Why Music NFTs?

  • Sound Protocol

  • 0xSplits

  • Collector Chats using Guild

  • Artist Sites using Bonfire

  • Snapshot Voting

  • Web3 Collectives

Week 3: Collector Mindset

  • Price + Supply + Rarity

  • How to speak to collectors

  • How to prepare a rollout

  • Collector DAOs

Week 4: Web3 Artist Expectations

  • Best practices.

  • List of independent artists.

  • Future of Artist Equity

  • Final Report

Communication will take place via a private, invite-only Telegram channel.

Closing Thoughts

With the new wave of artists in web3, we need a new wave of managers.

For established managers, web3 is nothing more than a playground.

For emerging managers, web3 is where you will make your career.

This program is meant to inspire the next generation of managers.

Ones who track the Sound calendar more than New Music Friday.

Ones who can talk floor prices, Golden Eggs, Genesis Passes and everything between.

This is a new era, and the Web3 Manager Launchpad is here to kickstart it.

See you inside.