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Career Breakthrough in the Web3 Ecosystem

Author(s): Diyway | Diyway#5702

Editor(s): zerohash | Tet#7609

Last updated: 6th June 2022

What's all the hype about working for Web3?

Web3 is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting sectors in the technical field today. It might surprise you to know that you don't have to be a web developer or a full-stack engineer to find work in this newfound ecosystem. Web3 is so new and underdeveloped that there are a lot of unfilled positions that require minimum technical skills - lowering entry barriers for those interested.

The creation of web3, I imagine, is much like it was when the creation of web2 took place. It's literally starting over with web2, but just doing it right this time. Everything that lives within web2 will be desired for web3 the only difference is how the content is stored and distributed. If you added value to web2, you can bet that you will be able to do the same in web3 as well. The key difference is that web3 will allow you to retain all creative ownership, avoid censorship, and ensuringr4é.0 your rights to digital privacy.

Aside from being the newest and quickest growing sector of the tech industry, it offers a wide range of potential benefits that include but are not limited to:

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Remote opportunities
  • Early enough to land an influential position
  • Involvement with innovative, cutting edge pioneers

To-do for Landing a Blockchain Job

Create a portfolio! Put everything you've created into that portfolio, and then never stop adding to it. Proof of work is a necessity for remote work. The best practice is to keep your content organized and accessible to potential employers.

Empty portfolio? No worries you've got to start somewhere so try a few of these ideas to get started:

  • Start a blog, medium, substack, etc

  • Volunteer for DAO and Protocols

  • Volunteer to run a social media platform

  • Invest your time to build your reputation

  • Be honest with yourself and assess areas in need of improvement

Jobs Hiring for Web3 & Emerging Industry Standards

When searching for jobs, you often find that there are different categories under the web3 umbrella. Below, I will introduce

Engineer & Developers

  • Solidity developer - Solidity is the language of smart contracts so it stands to reason that there are plenty of positions available.
  • Blockchain engineer - There are not enough blockchain developers to fill the need. These skills are very valuable and these positions are very much always in demand.


From simple meme creators or graphic designers to full-on webpage designers, the need for this position is immense. You can find dozens of these positions listed on the various job posts scattered throughout the Internet.

  • Brand designers - There are startups popping up all over the place in need of establishing a brand that really embodies their vision.
  • Web designers - These people will be responsible for what you see when browsing web3. Some coding skills are usually required for this position but no-code web designing applications are being promoted and encouraged to be used.
  • Graphic designers - Graphic designers are often the ones responsible for the beautiful artwork on webpages or the logos that companies wear.


NFTs have redefined how we create and evaluate art. Artists around the globe have been joining the blockchain to maintain ownership of their creations and maximize monetary potential through the use of cryptography technology and smart contracts. Learn how you can start distributing your digital art on-chain.


If you have a talent for writing content, you could have a spot in web3 with little experience required. The new web is calling on all content creators to find a niche and contribute to it. On bounty boards, job boards, and on the projects' websites, you can find all kinds of available jobs. There is no shortage of writing opportunities available, from small tasks to full-time positions.

  • Technical writers - Tech writers understand complex ideas and processes and are able to explain them in easy-to-understand ways. Examples of technical writing assignments would be Gitbooks, whitepapers, docs, and etc.
  • Content writers - Content writing is used to educate, engage, market, or entertain. Some examples include blog posts, topic editorials, tutorials, emails, and so much more.
  • Copywriters - Copywriters produce content to sell a product or persuade an audience. Advertisements are a major implementation of copywriting.
  • Journalists - Journalists create news stories for media outlets. Some examples could be podcasts, news articles, or blog writers.

Marketing and Growth

If you are a social media user with experience navigating the various social apps, you are potentially qualified. Similar positions require a range from entry-level to just a couple of years of experience.

  • Social media managers - Social media managers are the overseers of all the company's social media posts and community interactions.
  • Marketing specialist - Marketing specialists are responsible for the gross of the company. They get the word out and grow the community through advertisements, community events, airdrops, and more.


Almost every web3 project has a Discord community that is in need of individuals that manage or moderate the content in their Discord server. The skills required for this position are relatively easy to acquire and has no- or low-code requirements in terms of programming expertise.

  • Community managers - Community managers are often referring to overseeing or even creating Discord servers and channels.
  • Moderators - Moderators are the ones that keep the Discord communities free of spam, answer questions, guide new users, etc.
  • Event coordinators - Event coordinators arrange marketing events, project AMAs, product launches, and more which are usually held online.
  • Influencers/Ambassadors - Product promoters make videos or promote products through their social media.


The newness of the web 3 ecosystem is unique in that it has needs for researchers of all skill sets and experience levels. You don't have to be an SQL expert or data analyst veteran to find a research position that fits your qualifications.

  • SQL experts - There is a high demand for those who are familiar with SQL and can write queries requesting data.
  • Researchers - If you are good at navigating the web and finding answers to your questions, then you could find a research position you are perfect for.
  • Dune wizards - Dune wizards build visual dashboards from queried data with Dune Analytics.

People and Operations

The web3 demand for workers is so high that employees are hiring a ton of people to actively search for, hire, and oversee employees.

  • Recruiters - This is a position in high demand, especially now when the need to fill positions is so great. If you have experience finding talent and onboarding them to a company, you could have a job.
  • Human resources - Human resources is used to describe the department responsible for managing all matters related to employees.


  • Product managers - The need for product managers within web3 is high as there are several products being developed currently and already being used, promoted, managed, etc.


  • Treasury governor - Almost every DAO has a treasury in need of management. A finance background is often a desired skill but not mandated to pick on a the role of a treasury governor.

Introductory roles

Individuals who feel as though they are lacking experience could still find work in web3. Internships are a great way to get an opportunity to build a reputation and gain experience.

  • Internships - this is a great way for anybody especially students to break into this field with little to no required skills. If you want to learn how to contribute to Web3 an internship is the easiest and fastest way. You can find internships in any category.

DAOs are a relatively new concept and are constantly evolving and finding new areas in which contributors are needed. Stay up to date on all the trends and news surrounding them.

  • DAO contributor - becoming a DAO contributor is another great way for no tech individuals to find a meaningful position with unlimited room to grow. There are so many DAOs up and running and in need of individuals from all kinds of backgrounds.


As you can see, anyone could find a place for themselves within web3. Its nature is inclusivity, after all. If you are convinced that this is where you need to be working, don’t give up. Keep growing your portfolio and applying. You will likely find what you are looking for pretty quickly.