Erika Echaniz

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Grants for Web3 x Consumer Startups

The Symmetrical ($TSYM) is a genZ DAO exploring web3.

Since inception, our mission has been to connect web3 to 1 million genZ (investors, consultants, engineers, founders, and college students). We kicked off Season 1 with focusing on the things we love the most: investing, social events, and fireside chats.

We quickly became the leading genZ DAO and established our vision to be the DAO for genZ x web3. Together, we pooled capital from members and collectively invested in on-chain assets and startup equity ( We hosted monthly social events (virtual and IRL) and fireside chats with leaders in web3 (e.g. Will Papper, Haseeb Qureshi, and Evin McMullen).

In Season 2, we continued our mission of connecting web3 to 1 million genZ, but we are doing it in a new, exciting way. By focusing our fundraising and grants program on web3 x consumer founders, this will allow us to test the current web3 landscape, promote the ideas we believe in, and give our members access to the forefront of web3.

Introducing The Symmetrical Grants…

The Symmetrical Grants is a team-led program within the DAO that supports up-and-coming founders in the web3 x consumer space. We provide $1-10k checks to fund ideas in gaming, social, and consumer infrastructure.

Aside from capital, our biggest value-add is a suite of operational support tools in our GenZ Consulting service:

  • Research (e.g., how to appeal to the genZ consumer)

  • Fundraising support

  • Talent and hiring support

  • Product / beta testing

  • Promotion / community building

Why does this matter for web3 founders?

As genZ, we’re the first digital-native generation. We’re the majority user of web3 and have the money to spend on the technology. The Symmetrical plays a critical role in developing web3’s culture and promoting it to mass adoption.

Initial Sponsors for The Symmetrical Grants

If you are an early-stage, web3 x consumer founder interested in a grant, please apply here.

We are accepting last-minute sponsorships. Please DM @jakub_rusiecki on Twitter to get in touch.